The Charming Train Car

Third time is a charmed chance for a mundane train ride to work.  I hardly take the train with the option of riding Turnip, but I have been lucky enough to have experienced an acapella song from two young aspiring singers 3 times.  Of all the passing trains, of the long line of train cars strung together for the journey across town and back, of all the varying times in the late morning, these two musicians have chosen my ride 3 times now.

They introduced themselves, sing an oldie but goodie song, filling in the beat with snapping fingers and the thump of a tapping foot.  These two young men look nothing like the part they are singing.  They don’t dress the part, they don’t look like a typical musician, and they don’t demand anything.  They have a cd, 4 songs for $5.  They give a short spiel about themselves, and then sing a song.

Three times on the short green line train ride for the 3 quick stops, they have serenaded me, started my day out brilliantly, delighted me with their talent, their inspiration to sing in front of strangers, and to passively ask for money to in order to pursue their dreams.  They have a great song, I hope they keep on singing, and I hope they keep on finding me on my short green line journey to brighten my day with their muse.


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