The Homeless Hum

The silent mumble of the homeless is melodically lost in the jingle of Salvation Army’s charming bell.  If anyone is listening they would hear profanity that would make the devil blush crimson, they would hear lewd thoughts that are the epicenter of human destruction.  They would hear depravity of the darkest corners of the imaginative mind.  The mumble, you can hear it if you are so inclined to listen, you can hear it if you wink you tired ears open.  The soft shuffle and the monotone hum of the ignored man yields sharp verbs and colorful adjectives.  Sometimes there are sporadic shouts, but those are easy to forget like spilled milk.  The thing is that nobody is listening.  Everyone is plugged into the wonders of the portable phone, the jingle of endless distraction, the curiosity of Facebook, the promise of missing mindless updates.  Everyone is willfully blocking out the jargon of the addled mind, ignoring the mumble of the invisible person.


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