The Ironic Feminist

A feminist cook. That sounds ironic.  Like one means woman wear pants and have a political career and the other means raising kids stuck under the rule of thumb.

But really, I am a modern day feminist cook.  Think about it coming full circle, the quintessential role of the woman who throughout the course of capitalism found herself to be surrounded by men in a testosterone centric system.  Kinda funny, huh.  I live off irony.

The feminist ideals are about the advocacy of women’s right on the grounds political, social, and economic equality with men.  How did this happen, I often wonder, how did the tables get turned on us is our arena?  Most people outside of the culinary world are unaware of how tipped the scales are, how male the kitchen life has become, how egotistical and competitous  this stage has become.  We have morphed into something so far from where we started.

The feminist movement stands for a lot of ideals, but it boils down to one concept: respect.  We want equal respect in what we do, in what we add to the team, in the skills we bring.  Not everyone is great at everything, that is why it takes a team to paint the full picture.  The ultimate goal the feminism is not to only promote the rights and the respect for women, it is to promote respect for what the individual can add to the soup.  America, the greatest melting pot the world has ever known, should embrace this flavor fully.


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