Neutral Territory

We think that water is tasteless, but what are we really missing?  To us humans, who are comprised on average 60% water by weight, who as infants we cry into this world at an astounding 73% water, we do not view this life giving substance as a flavor, a smell, a taste.  Water is completely neutral, there is nothing to love or hate about this potable substance.  It is ground zero basic.  So neutral that we don’t have any adjectives to describes how this substance interacts with our tongues.  Water is only described as a feeling- wet, damp, hot, cold, lukewarm.  We also don’t perceive water a having a color, to us it is clear. But how limited are we because we are bias?

But consider the fact that water does have  a taste and an odor.  Maybe it is strong and we just don’t know it because of how ordinary and necessary it is to life.  It makes you think about what we are missing and what you take for granted.  It’s in front of us everyday but how much thought have you ever put into this seemingly tasteless form of life giving nectar?  Maybe water is sweet, who knows.


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