Changing Lanes

With the advent of Amazon Now and Google Express- hyper convenient delivery services that are not only speedy but also inexpensive, catering to the whimsical and short attention spam masses, is this new culture of instant reception going to lend to an increase in other sorts of delivery service options?  Is this going to spill back over into the arena of the bike messengers, the cowboys of the city roads battling the automotive clogged lanes?  Is this increase in the demand for instant delivery going to add more two-wheeled and petal powered machines to the mix?  Personalized delivery is absurd because of how much behind the scene costs are required in getting that precious package to you. Cars, gas, insurance, and parking are all expensive.  A dude on a bike, way less of a down payment.  I hope to see more crusaders of cycle on the scene, filling in the gap of convenience driven culture.


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