It is half way through that infamous month dedicated to self improvement, to healthy and fresh eating, to dramatic life style change, to ridding the body of the millions of toxins that have built up since the last great cleanse last year.

I am a little upset at how great I feel, how much energy I have, how perky I feel once I tear myself out of the bond of sleep.  I wish I didn’t feel so dang good, because I can see again how much my fast and loose lifestyle has been bringing me down.

Half way through and I am disillusioned with my new, full dedication at keeping health first and the partying minimal, saved only for real celebrations. I am making all these promises to myself:  I am not going to stress drink, I am not going to spend all my extra money taking cabs and picking up the bar tab, I am not going to get addicted to sugar again, I will not cave and eat out every week.  I will do my stretches daily, I will start to meditate, I will read more.

Come February I am not going to digress back into my normal self, I am going to behave like an adult, I am going to eat great, save money, and go to yoga class with all that I save on tequila and red wine.  Next month, I will not give in to the pressures of fried food, of endless amounts of deliciously aged cheese, of sandwiches piled high with bacon, to fancy expensive cocktails with exotic ingredients.  Next month, you will see, so I hope.


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