Deceptive Desires and Delusive Dreams

Sometimes you change only to remain the same.  Nothing appears to be different, everything still behaves the same, but something has been influenced, something has shifted, nudge a little, despite similar outward appearances.  Not everything is so obvious.

Sometimes the lesson in your mistakes remains a mystery.  You didn’t learn anything, you haven’t grown an inch, the only thing is that you feel like a fool.  Not every lesson can be studied.

The rules have never been fair, and you have to cheat to win.  But karma is king so watch that fancy step.

You will never find what you are looking for as long as you keep a watchful eye open.  Once you go blind to your wishes, they will stare you in the face. As soon as you give up, you will get the winning hand.

You can’t want what you really want, you have to make it up as you go along.  Life is full of surprises and you have to keep an open mind to what you get.




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