Goodbye Green Goat

The Lunar Chinese New Year is almost upon us, a mere 17 days away.  The year ends February 7th at midnight on the dot.  There is roughly half a month left to relish in the year of the goat, or sheep, depending on who you ask.

There are 12 animals in the zodiac, and each one gets to shine for a year.  We are currently stationed in the 8th slot, after the horse and awaiting the monkey.  In addition to assigning an animal, each year is rotated through the 5 earth elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.  2015 is the year of the Green Goat/ Wooden Sheep.  Green is connected to wood through the green in trees.

The sheep is considered a lucky animal because it doesn’t have to do any heavy lifting around the farm; it gracefully grazes on green grass as the days roll passively by.  People born in the year of the goat are said to be gentle, mild mannered, tender, sympathetic, generous, and to have good health.  The Sheep/Goat is considered a female animal, and therefore embodies traits such as romance, art, creativity, and beauty.  This auspicious animal is believed to have balance, harmony, and prosperity.

The Wood element is seen as benevolent, producing fate, nobleness, blooming, flourishing, growth, and renewal.   People born in wooden years tend to be ethical, compassionate, social, adaptable, practical, and organized.

2015 was predicted to be one of appreciation and reflection, a quiet respite after the previous year of the horse (galloping through time and space causing ruckus and upheaval).  This year was to take on the traits of this gentle animal, this calm and passive creature that has an easy life.  2015 was a time to breathe in the calm spirit, to acknowledge all that you have, to see the beauty around, to have the time to embrace creativity, to find art in your daily life.  Since much tension has been dispersed this past year, it was a good year for peace, to mean longstanding issues, or to break out of negative spirals.  Stop the chaos and start to stabilize, that was the motto for the year.

There are precious few days left, so you better hurry up and find your calm.


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