The Exception to the Rule

All animals love water, except for the cat.

Elephants will roam the expansive earth until the grassy green has turned to dusty rubble underneath the great mammoth hooves, searching the globe over for the life giving, cooling and muscle soothing antigravity force of the this benign and almost tasteless substance.  After the longest migration and facing death, the elephant will tumble in the water like a curious child, they find sheer ecstasy in reaching the long sought after goal.

Water is so intrinsic to life, water makes you weightless when submerged, it can cool you down or warm you up, it’s a neutral substance, but yet the great cat refuses to interact with it.  Even birds covered in feather will happily bathe for sheer enjoyment.  Where in the evolutionary history did the cat decide that no, it was not worth the trouble to dry off?  It’s really a small price to pay for the entertainment and practicality that this medium has to offer.  Maybe water smells bad to cats, I don’t think we will ever know.


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