Mossel Bay, or Mosselbaai if you are a local, is a harbor town situation in a bay, nestled in the Indian Ocean, very close to the southern most tip of Africa.  This fishing community and tourist town is close to where the mighty Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet and greet one other.


In this small town, you are greeted with European charm at the tip of South Africa.  The quaint houses are built into the hillside, making the cobblestone sidewalks traverse the city with a slant.  Go for a walk around town, half of the journey will be as easy as it gets, while getting back will be a challenge.


The jagged ocean’s shore line is held down with large boulders, that give way to sandy beaches.  The ever present waves knocking against the shore make for a surfing attraction.  The jeweled turquoise water is angry with it’s powerful punch, the surf howls as it crashes against the rocky shore.


In addition to being a great fishing spot, the climate is year round stellar.  Highs around 80 degrees, lows around 55 degrees, you don’t need much in the way of protection from the environment.  It is no surprise that due to recent archeology finds and development, it is believed that this spot is the origin of all humanity.  This is where, thanks to the plethora of seafood rich in that special omega-3, the human brain got it’s jumpstart on development.  Thanks to easily accessible shellfish, humans could evolve into the thinking and self aware machines that we are today.





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