Savory pastries.  I take my background from savory cooking, where you have more flexibility when it comes to creating something delicious, and apply that mindset to pastry.  Desserts are very rigid in their structure- they are based on chemistry, they are based on formulas and percentages, and these regulations do not allow for a lot of wiggle room.  That’s why it is so hard to do both savory and pastry at the same time- why top chefs, no matter how masterful their are, need to outsource the dessert program.  It is near impossible to do because the two approaches to creating food cancel each other out.  Savory is about improvisation, pastry is about following the rules like a religious fanatic.

Having a strong savory background has allowed me to see outside of the boundaries of the regulations.  I still follow the rules to the gram, but I can switch up the methods, I can add that creative flare without drawing outside of the lines.  Maybe it’s substituting an ingredients, sometimes it’s adding another step, but I strongly consider adding to desserts that same flavor steps used in savory cooking.

People often look at me strange, those who are unfamiliar with the fine dining world, when I say I specialize in just one course, the last one.  Why is it necessary to have a whole new chef for a few dishes?  This is a valid question, one that I have to hard time answering to the wide world without a long preamble.


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