Irreplaceble Times

Goodness does it feel good to be at home.  It has been a whirlwind of adventure lately, with travels across the country followed by touring destinations close to home, sprinkled with catching up and story telling.   Nonstop fun and new experiences have been the theme for this mild Chicago winter.  Never did I think that this cold season would be so full of life, so full of color, exploding with inspiration and colored with love.  Work, also, has been a choo choo ride resembling a rollercoaster more than the daily drudge routine.

It’s been an amazing start to the year, an amazing attempt at remembering about those new year’s resolutions high, an amazing beginning of the year of the monkey.

Yet, after seeing the world, and fostering irreplaceable connections with people, it feels damn good to be home, to be surrounded by the life that I have chosen, to be in that space where the one person’s opinion who matter’s the most is mine.

Sometimes solitude is the best company, sometimes all you need is nothing.


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