Future Thought for Food

I want to continue to think about highlighting the elements as factors in desserts.  This goes beyond flavor, it creates a consumer connection to food in the most primal way.

I have been playing around with fire with the new year’s eve dessert and the Fuego de Guimauve, but what about the more subtle counterpart to the rambunctious flames, that of capturing the elusive air?

To represent the intangible element of air, I thought about solidifying foamed bubbles, stabilized with gelatin and dehydrated to form a rigid structure, to represent air as an element.  It would be a thin disk, light as cotton candy, crisp enough to then dissolve on the tongue just as quickly as does the spun fun-fair confection.

What percentage of fat stabilizes the foam the best?  Think how whole milk foams the better than skim or cream.  Is this true?  Add lecithin to enhance the bubbles, to make a plethora of encased air pockets, to skim off and quickly to dry, maintaining the outside structure.  This would be flavored with a highly aromatic scent, like orange zest.

Coconut oil foam/ Cocoa butter foam

Carbonation as representing air, but this is a purely wet sensation, not dry like the foam.




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