What I Learned From Google

Reading about how Google studied why some groups work well together and why some don’t.  They put together a t team of researchers to unravel the big question, poured in millions of useless dollars answering a question that does not need to be answered.  Seriously, this Project was equipped with a silly name and all, thought up but company that currently runs the country in terms of all of our access to all the information we currently use.  Who even knows how to operate the late Dewey Decimal, RIP?

It’s chemistry, basic human interaction, that’s why groups function well together.  It’s that unseen force of connection, it basically boils down to magic.

You can’t study magic.

This sounds like a start to a satirical movie, more then an article in New York Times- a team of researches sent out to answer that great question of why some people get along and others don’t.  It’s like your parents picking out your friends for you- it’s never going to work. That is not how creativity and new ideas get sparked.  It sounds like a computer came up with the question instead of a person.

It pains my sore body to hear of so much unnecessary work.  There is too much to do already, without such a cumbersome study on how a groups can create synergy.

Not every group is going to  change the world Google, so if you relaxed more about what you demand out of mere humans- we are not robots and since you can’t replicate human chemistry we are safe for the time being- for if you did, you would have saved enough money many times over to make up for the inefficient system of creativity.  Let’s have focus groups dedicated to fostering imagination, not trying to give it straight lines.

What Google Learned from Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team



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