The Self Conscious Pee

Gender defined bathrooms, not only is silly, it is unfair because the women always have to wait like literally a thousand times longer. To add insult to impatience, the children go with the women to stand uncomfortably in the forever line.

Its not just that is in unfair to women waiting in the lines drawn, it is unfair to assume that everyone fits snuggle into these two categories.  How is men’s pee different from Women’s?  Why is it taboo to sit on a pot after a dude just sat on?  There is no difference in excrement, there is no gender defining reason why a toilet has to be different.  A toilet is a toilet and we should leave it at that.

I look forward to a situation where bathrooms are universally labeled as a water closet/ a loo/ a rest room/ a pee palace, where gender becomes less of an issue, where the mirror is outside of the stall so that we can all pee faster and in a non discriminated fashion.


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