El Che Ingredients

I got a sneak peak at the menu, and I saw some things that I would like to incorporate into the pastry menu:

Duck eggs- maybe a custard?  What else highlights eggs in dessert other than a custard of sorts?  Noting, the answer is nothing.

Yerba Mate- I want to use this as a sauce, it can add a bitter and fun element, good for the Argentinean theme.

Brioche- do I make this?  Probably time I figure that out. Can I stuff it with cheese, and deep fry it?  Gooey fried dough, with a sharp cheese.  Delicious.

English peas- to go with a strawberry dessert, a freeze dried strawberry pavolva, the peas with a cream, or ricotta.  Ricotta flor di latti?

House ricotta- I want to make cheese and ricotta is great in dessert, just ask the Italians.



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