Dutch Oven

Every cuisine the world over has had its turn in the culinary spotlight, each nation has its turn in the sway of the trends influential swing.  Most recently is has been Nordic and Swedish, with Mexican always being a soft favor, French and Italian been the old stand by.  Sushi has had its fame, Cajun, Irish, German, Indian are all over the food industry scene.  One trend, however, that we have not seen in the tasty timeline, is Dutch cuisine.

Exploring this flavor profile and culinary tradition, making it modern, relevant, delicious, and inspiring will be my lasting impression in the over saturated culinary world.  I will be a trend setter, I will open a successful restaurant, write a cookbook, and have as website where I can inspire that avid home cook to try new things.  I am going to name the restaurant Dutch Oven, and soon, I will be famous.


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