The Chef’s Diary of an Optimist


Today’s notes, part one:

The aerated custard turned out better than I thought it was going to.  On paper, it was seemingly a little boring, but the mouth feel was quite extraordinary,  on the road to what I am trying to achieve to represent as “air”.

The custard is very simple thus far, the hitch being that it is made with evaporated milk in place of milk ( the former having such a nice smooth toasted flavor) and set with duck eggs an alternative spin.  Thinking about calling it a flan, not sure.  If it is to be flan, it needs to be served with an unfortified caramel sauce- don’t have a fun spin on this yet.

The custard in aerated with an whipping cream canister that uses No2 to force air into liquid.  I want this lighter than anything you have ever tasted, and served with carbonated fruit and a dehydrated foam that melts in your mouth, to make the whole dish a sensation, an experience, leave the eater wanting more, curious about what just happened.

The overall mouth feel then, is that of fleeting, a disappearing act, a wait wait wait I want any other bit- this is playing to our hyperactive, oversaturated, permanent documentation type lifestyle.  But also it fizzes, you can feel the flavors just sizzle away on your tongue.

So then I thought, it would be cool to present this is a large goblet- an oversized seamless wine glass so that you can see all the beautiful air bubbles.  What if this super light custard sat on top of a thin wafer, a round disk that was fitted just little above the bottom of the glass, creating an empty space below the dessert.



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