Not Impressed

I just realized that I stopped my own self promotion of desserts on that social bulletin board called Facebook.  No more posts, no more rhymes about my new creations, no more high class photos of textured desserts.  Why?  Why have I stopped trying to impress the world at larger with what I am doing?  Why are the two new dessert not documented on either Facebook, Marigold, or even that loathed Instagram?

Once you get complacent, once you stop trying with your entire energy, that is when you can not longer contest to be the best.

I have gotten press about my strange creations because of my dedication to making them great, in taking the time to make sure they are impressionable, in taking photos that look just down right scrumptious, in quality control every day, in communication with all of the staff to make sure that the point is well received.

If I cannot impress myself, my closest friends, my internet audience, then who else is important to worry about making a splash?  It’s time to tighten up like  Mr. Bells and the Drells.  Or else Marigold might loose interested in her other self, her true self.


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