In the fury that is the task of opening a new restaurant, after the conception and the deliberations and the racking of the mind for ideas, inspiration, a sense of uniqueness in an over saturated environment; after consulting everything we know and revisiting everything we once knew, after revisiting standards and questioning impulses;  first we put the kitchen all together, organize everything to a T, label and assess where things belong in this newly constructed world, create a fluid flow to the work day, source all the products, assemble all the ingredients, cook all the food, prep every single component, label and date it all, store it- then, just then, at this highly anticipated point, we take it all down for inspections, to be granted by the city,  all the powers of all the codes and all the clusters of councils to be cleared for the very important business of feeding people.

All of it, the kitchen was reverted to an empty space, a free space waiting to be filled with hot bodies, passionate smells, cold focus.

After two weeks of crickets, we build it back up again.  Everything must find its place again, everything must be rearranged and organized and labeled before we can even think about cooking.  Supplies must be reordered, prep sheets reprinted, everything soaped clean again.

A white sheet, a blank canvas is daunting once you had already painted the picture.  You know the steps in store just to prepare, just to get set up- we literally just did it.  After we do it again, then we will do it again, and then, God willing, we might actually start serving people.


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