Late Night Craving

Maillard and Salt might be the best possible of all that is possible flavor combinations.

Think salted sweet caramel

Think golden brown french fries and salt

Think crusty sourdough bread and salted butter

Maillard (the lighty browning of sugars aka how bread becomes toast)  being my favorite flavor in dessert as well as dinner, has been throughly thought about considered just about all the time.

Salt, though, has not had its properly placed ponder in the daily life.  I mean, I use kosher and occasionally I use Maldon.  That is where the story ends.  I mean there is smoked salt, but I am sick of that.  There are flavored salts, but I want something more.

Toasted salt?

Caramelized salt?

Soy sauce is so good, so how else to add umami to salt? Shitake powder?  Dried Fish sauce? Nurtional yeast, yeast extracts aka marmite, beefy broths?



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