Pie Game

Pie specials for the restaurants

A reconstructed plated pie dessert, using typical flavors but served in  atypical and whimsical way.  To make it memorable, curious, and beyond delicious.  The goal is to make the pie as delicious as extravagant, to move beyond the convenience of a simple slice of pie and the simplicity of a one dish dessert.

Going to shift outside of the latin influence for this one, because of where we physically are, because its a holiday, because of global influence.  Pie is one of America’s best desserts, so let’s spread the word.

Why use a tart dough when you can use a cookie crust?


Cranberry curd

Quince curd

Bourbon pumpkin mousse

Hot butter rum apples

5 spice pears

french silk but somehow better- vegan with coconut

Pecan pie with caramel

Banana, banana coffee




Almond flour


chocolate chip cookie


brown butter brazil nut


royaltine push crust


Flavored marshmallow/ meringue

Bourbon caramel/ Rum

Pie crust in adorable shapes

Hand pies

bailey’s irish cream



Cranberry curd, pistachio crust, sweetened condensed cranberry, ginger meringue

Maple pumpkin mousse, cinnamon marshmallow, oatmeal or almond or snickerdoodle crust, horachata beer glaze, candied almonds.  T

French silk, pretzel push crust, toasted milk chocolate mousse

Banoffee- bananas and dulce de leche on top of push crust, topped with whipped cream

Cranberry curd, snickerdoodle crust

Argentinean pie- Quince curd or cooked quince, coconut pie dough latticed, quince pie with goat cheese, almonds.  Typically jam filled, maybe pair with cream cheese/ cheesecake


Caramel (dulce de leche) brazil nut, oat-maple whip, banana ice cream, oatmeal cookie crust, caramelized white chocolate ganache/ fudge

Chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter mousse, whip cream, fudge/ ganache

Pastry cream filling: chestnut,

Apple neopoleon cake, bay leaf pastry cream

Missing pie dough- coconut pie dough




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