Brain Freeze

I love ice cream, and I really love finding new flavors to make and sell.  I like to do things that nobody else is doing, to push people’s curiosity.  I want to be inspiringly interesting.

Food can made you think, food can give you a different perspective.  It’s not going to change anyone’s life, but like art, it can open up a part of the brain that has become dormant from working too much and watching too much terrible TV, defense mechanisms used to cope with this strange, flawed adventure called life.

I recently made a yerba mate meringue and it’s deliciousness surpassed my expectations.  This got me thinking about other ways to use this Latin American tea as a flavor.  I was reading about this ingredient, and discovered that adding mint to mate is a traditional pairing.  As the holidays approach, this made my mind race.

Mate and mint,  this is a good base for ice cream flavor.  I would use spearmint because I prefer it to peppermint.  But it has to be fresh mint- I don’t like to use extracts or artificial colors.  Plus fresh mint create the most glorious natural green color.  Nothing can beat it in flavor and visual appeal.

Holidays make me think of peppermint bark, candy canes, and brittle candies.  I want to use yerba mate as an ice cream base, and serve it with house made crushed up candy cane.  And chocolate.  The people are going to love it- a perfect Latin American fusion.

I am looking forward to creating this great ice cream flavor… stay tuned for further updates.


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