As Argentinian As American Pie


As take on the classic American Lemon Meringue Pie, but made with an Argentinian twist.  Quince is large in the country’s palate, and quince pie is traditionally made with quince paste, a jam like filling.

Here, the quince is made into a tangy curd.  Quince is an autumnal fruit in the same family as apples and pears, although this fruit must be cooked before it can be consumed.  When it is cooked, it changes from a dull yellow to a rosy peach color- a lovely transformation to witness.

The crust of this pie is swapped out with almond shortbread, cut into an L shaped, and stacked to form a diamond that cradles the curd.

The meringue is flavored with Yerba Mate, a South American tea that has a large cultural impact, traditionally drank out of gourds.   Sharing mate is ritualistic, a way to bond with friends and family.  The meringue is toasted as all meringue should be.

The pie is dressed up with a cachaca glaze- a booze similar to clear rum, and crunchy phyllo strings because texture is everything.


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