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The Ironic Feminist

A feminist cook. That sounds ironic.  Like one means woman wear pants and have a political career and the other means raising kids stuck under the rule of thumb.

But really, I am a modern day feminist cook.  Think about it coming full circle, the quintessential role of the woman who throughout the course of capitalism found herself to be surrounded by men in a testosterone centric system.  Kinda funny, huh.  I live off irony.

The feminist ideals are about the advocacy of women’s right on the grounds political, social, and economic equality with men.  How did this happen, I often wonder, how did the tables get turned on us is our arena?  Most people outside of the culinary world are unaware of how tipped the scales are, how male the kitchen life has become, how egotistical and competitous  this stage has become.  We have morphed into something so far from where we started.

The feminist movement stands for a lot of ideals, but it boils down to one concept: respect.  We want equal respect in what we do, in what we add to the team, in the skills we bring.  Not everyone is great at everything, that is why it takes a team to paint the full picture.  The ultimate goal the feminism is not to only promote the rights and the respect for women, it is to promote respect for what the individual can add to the soup.  America, the greatest melting pot the world has ever known, should embrace this flavor fully.


The Ghosts of Genetic’s Past

My cramps and overall terrible nature of the side effect pertaining to the my period get worst, albeit only marginally, every month.  At this point in my almost mid thirties, it’s like that my heritage and evolutionary demands are mad at me for being childless, for going not being pregnant month after month, for not exercising the full extent of my uterus.  A determined army of ninjas drum a little louder every month, a chorus of knocking knees nag louder, and pack of miniature bears claw a little more frantically every month.

No no it’s not that aching uterus complex that people talk about, it’s not that ticking clock that people refer to, I am talking about the revenge of the demon gods of my ancestors.  Slowly they are shedding my insides, angry at my refusal to follow into my path of female role fulfillment.  Grrrr curse you back you monster of genetics!  You phantoms of routine!  You ghosts of nature’s past!   Back off, and let a woman work for a living.

Feminism, Football, Capitalism, and Cancer, All together


Ok so as it turns out, the “pink out” that the NFL supports to raise money for breast cancer (everyone wears pink, therefore they buy pink things, and those profits cure cancer) is not actually raising money that is helping boobs win the cancer battle.  Where the money goes is towards community awareness.  Awareness, as you are aware, does not solve problems.  Research, science, healthy eating, a non sedentary life style, and open mindedness to finding a solution are the solution.


Concerning the NLF’s largely popular campaign “Pink Out” during the month of October and the accusation that this program is not actually doing anything productive to cure cancer found in the breast tissue of women.

  1. I am not surprised and neither should you be.
  2. The reason why it is so popular is because football is intrinsically boring and anything that might add excitement to this game of waiting is welcomed with pom pom enthusiastic arms.
  3. This proves that there exists a potential audience for females, and there is a lot of money to be made.  Football is geared to men and woman who want to impress men or at least have a common interest.  But it is not intrinsically geared towards women.

All advertisers and business know that the women spend money.  So here are Marigold’s ideas on how to make football more approachable to women, therefore at least doubling the spectator volume which in turn brings in more revenue, while simultaneously making this all-American sport more entertaining.


Uniforms.  Change the ugly, hideous, beyond bland and never changing uniforms to something that, I don’t know, actually make the athletes look sexy? Not like a light sack of blubbery garbage? They are fully covered in spandex, and is it horrifying.  HORRIFYING.  God not only do you have to wait on average 20 minutes for anything to actually happen, you actually have to watch overweight men in KHAKI skin colored spandex lean over with their ass in high definition.  Vogue won’t even put the hottest woman with the derriere of the year in flesh colored tights.  Yet, here, we have a team of men wearing the most deplorable outfit ever constructed.  Please, give me something not only repulsive, but sexy.  There are very good looking, athletic men, running around, sweating and yelling and dancing, please let’s focus on sexifying that man!  Let us focus on fashion and style and trend in this untouched worlds of sports. Show him up close with fake balls even.  Stuff that junk!  Oh don’t be so stuffy, women do it all the time with their lips and their boobs, with the high heals impossible to walk in shoes and the make-up.  We put on a good show and have a good time doing it, let’s see those beautiful and tough men out on a real show for everyone.

Let’s turn the tables and make money.

Oh, still concerned about raising money for breast cancer? Skip the pink shirt, bandana, and banner and donate money to cancer research.

Obtuse Stance

Man spread.  Why do you need to take up three seats on the train with your wide angle leg posture?  You cannot point your knees forward like a civilized human, you have to point them in an obtuse angle, creating a triangle of empty space in between your legs.  I don’t want to squish my lady bits either but I still have the decency to cross my legs so that others can sit down.  Not only is this extremely rude, I don’t want to see the innards of your crotch.  Have some respect for the ladies.  Most all men do this, but how many ladies do you see spreading their legs wide taking up half of the train?  Are you doing this promote your masculinity?  Are you that insecure that you have to act like you have basketballs for balls?  I simply do not understand where this obscene common behavior is stemming from.  I know men can cross there legs and I know that is has nothing to do with having outdoor plumbing.  In fact, when I see man spreading out like butter on a hot day, I assume that he is overcompensating for something.  Oh its more comfortable to sit like that?  Well yeah I know but you are on public transportation.  I want to lie down and stick my hands down my pants but you know what? I don’t.  Because I have manners.

Twin Promises

It’s a man’s world.  Having twin older brothers prepared me well for the gender skewed adulthood.  Me vs Them, I choose to sit back and watch, rather than join right into the center of the battle. I gave up the telly, I didn’t fight to play the video games, I didn’t challenge bedtime or pick fights with the babysitter.  It is not that I am passive or not opinionated, I learned early on that is it best to opt out of playing the game rather then try to keep up with the tornado of young boys.  I largely went through childhood unnoticed, and this I carry into adulthood.

The simple fact of gender difference is still very noteworthy.  Kitchen life is boys club.   It is basically an exclusively male industry that is very testosterone dominate and aggressive.  It is competitive, stressful, and physical.  I work in an environment where men still think that they can do better job than me.  Sometimes I can do things just as good as my male counterpart, but hardly ever better.

Like a 2:1 ratio in childhood, this is how it is to be a women in a often 100 percent male environment.  I have to work twice as hard, I have to be twice as good, I have to be twice as tough, I have to deal with situations that my male counterparts are completely unaware of.

Aside from the competition aspect in the kitchen life, harassment is a big part of dealing with this macho defined environment.  I work in an environment where you have to verbally tell your coworkers that they cannot call you sexy, or beautiful, that they cannot touch you.  When you nicely lay down these rules that have been in place in a professional environment for years, they get mad at you, stop talking to you, making work very tenuous.  You have discussions about how you need to be treated the same as everyone else, and then they physically push you around because you want to be treated fairly, like a man.  In situation you have to work so much harder to gain respect because they cannot get past small hands and generous curves

There are many things that you simply cannot say.  How do you tell somebody that they cannot look at your while they lick there lips?  How do you tell somebody not to pay unwanted attention to you?  Not to stare at you?  Not brush against your butt? How do you tell people not to whistle when you walk in the room?  Say things under there breath?

What about the varieties of men who are in and out of the kitchen delivering things, how do you tell them not to stare at you, not to call you pretty, leave the room because they make you feel uncomfortable?

I really like to joke around and to talk to people, I care about people deeply.  But yet this is often mistaken for flitting and interested, so I have to keep my mouth shut, not talk to anyone more than what is needed.  Honestly, I don’t feel like I can be my true and charming self because this only brings about harassment.

You wear sweaters that cover your butt so that hopefully people will stare less.  I want to look nice at work because I am a professional, but because these guys act like they have never seen a women, I feel like I have to hide behind baggy cloths, mismatched outfits.  I do not dare wear make-up to work.

There are many accepts to my daily struggle that men do not understand, but I wish they would be a but more sympathetic to the only woman’s struggle and how much of an impact this still makes.

I prefer to go unnoticed, I prefer to work autonomously, I prefer to be alone, letting my work speak for me.  I am not brazen, and my sensativies and emotions are not a shortcoming.  I am not part of the club and I don’t want to be.  I did not sign up for this egotistical measure of success.  No I don’t want to compete in your silly games.

At the end of the day, and at the beginning of the day, I get to be a female, and I get to be me.  That, ladies and gentleman, is reward enough to keep putting up with charade, to keep my heart strong and my verbs soft.

Exploiting Passion and Accepting Settlement

I am so sick of justifying the pay cut to work in the kitchen because of passion.  I am irritated with hearing that cooks have this great passion, that we work these crazy long hours in non temperature controlled environments, that we are so tough because we do not take breaks, and contrary to many people’s opinion, we often don’t have time to eat ourselves. I am sick of hearing that we have more than it takes to put up with the demands of a fast paced and never ending physical workload, that we are mechanical in our need to not need sleep, to sustain solely on PBR and hidden whiskey, to live with your coworkers because its not like you ever have time for the house anyway.

Do not call me passionate, now that has become an insult.  Many people are in positions that makes them happy that have nothing to do with making zero money.  Why is it ok that cooks makes less than half of that of front of the house?  The hours are longer, the job is physically tougher, it is dangerous, and you need a high degree of skill and education to fill the role.  Food born illness and not properly handle food can cause serious problems.  Not to mention, that you need to eat to live.  Why do you trust the most underpaid people in America to sustain you with live giving nutrition?  Good thing that you are tipping so well to keep that water glass full.

This portrayal of the passionate chef is not only demeaning, it supports the macho driven ideals that are already so deeply engrained in kitchen culture.  If you cannot physically keep up with this near impossible work schedule, you do not have the beef to make it into the stew.  This is an aggressive environment, where emotions and stress run very high, competition is fierce like a lion continually proving his Alfa status, but you are not allowed to show an sign of weakness, hesitation, or second guessing.  It is this framework of egotism that exploits youth in the industry and keeps the kitchen testosterone heavy.

I am fed up with being exploited for my passion, I am fed up with portrait of the iron chef.  Like this heroic portrayal of the daily struggle makes us better people.  It makes us suckers is what it is.  This is poetic rhetoric is keeping us all down.  Keep your literature for fiction, this shit is real.