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An Open Letter to a Social Experiment

This is in response to an article that I read about a black man’s experiment in wearing two different sets of clothes, one dressing up/ business casual and one dressing down/ sweatpants and sweatshirt combo, and how differently he was treated wearing either outfit.  He did the same activities in both fashions, and then talked about how he felt and how he was treated by the general public.

A Black Man’s Experiment in Fashion

You don’t even have to read to article to know what the conclusion was.

My argument is that race has nothing to do with this experiment.  I am not in any way trying to downplay racism and the struggle that people of color have to go through.  It is not fair, the world is actually against them- people love a scapegoat, love to put another down to make themselves feel better, love to blame other cultures for why their life is hard, love to judge, love to hate, love to make themselves feel better by berating our fellow species.

My argument is that race doesn’t have anything to do with how you are treated based on business dress code system.  The office attire successful look- although is not flattering-  will get the immediate attention and respect of strangers.  This is why people dress like that.  It is a societal rule that exists, and although the fashion is not great, the program has been established.

Clothes denote power- this has already been proven, and it is a rule that applies to everyone- race, gender, social standing, and age are unaffected by the universal understanding that what you wear speaks volumes about who you are.  I am not saying  I agree with this truth- ties are inherently dumb and not flattering.  I hate this system, so let’s try to change it instead of placing the blame on race.

Playing the race card at when it is not applicable only hurts the cause, only pigeon holes the minority further.

Although I disagree with the business attire dress code, the article under scrutiny does nothing to promote an alternative way of dressing.  If the man is not wearing fancy clothes, then he is wearing sweatpants.  Of course people are going to treat you like a bum, you are wearing pajamas in the outside world.  If you can’t even be bothered to get dressed, then no, I will not take you seriously.  These are house clothes, something to wear while getting ready to sleep or to watch TV.  It’s just like extreme sagging- if I can see your butthole before we have even exchanged a greeting, no I don’t want to get to know you.

This is about self respect.  Sweatpants, joggers, yoga pants, stretch pants are for children and if you want the world to treat you like child then wear this in public.  But if you want to gain a slice of respect from strangers, feel good about what you wear- make a statement, feel confident about your outfit.  And no, you don’t need money to pull this off, you just need a basic sense of style, pants that can’t be pulled down by a soft blowing of the wind, a display that you are ready to interact with the world.  Instead challenge this nomenclature style with something different that is also visually appealing.

You can argue that social standards are dumb, because they inherently are, but don’t turn this into a race argument.  These are two separate issues.  Instead, this article should be about how much better you look in clothes that makes you feel confident, smart, savvy, primed, prepared, dandy, and dapper.


Feminism, Football, Capitalism, and Cancer, All together


Ok so as it turns out, the “pink out” that the NFL supports to raise money for breast cancer (everyone wears pink, therefore they buy pink things, and those profits cure cancer) is not actually raising money that is helping boobs win the cancer battle.  Where the money goes is towards community awareness.  Awareness, as you are aware, does not solve problems.  Research, science, healthy eating, a non sedentary life style, and open mindedness to finding a solution are the solution.


Concerning the NLF’s largely popular campaign “Pink Out” during the month of October and the accusation that this program is not actually doing anything productive to cure cancer found in the breast tissue of women.

  1. I am not surprised and neither should you be.
  2. The reason why it is so popular is because football is intrinsically boring and anything that might add excitement to this game of waiting is welcomed with pom pom enthusiastic arms.
  3. This proves that there exists a potential audience for females, and there is a lot of money to be made.  Football is geared to men and woman who want to impress men or at least have a common interest.  But it is not intrinsically geared towards women.

All advertisers and business know that the women spend money.  So here are Marigold’s ideas on how to make football more approachable to women, therefore at least doubling the spectator volume which in turn brings in more revenue, while simultaneously making this all-American sport more entertaining.


Uniforms.  Change the ugly, hideous, beyond bland and never changing uniforms to something that, I don’t know, actually make the athletes look sexy? Not like a light sack of blubbery garbage? They are fully covered in spandex, and is it horrifying.  HORRIFYING.  God not only do you have to wait on average 20 minutes for anything to actually happen, you actually have to watch overweight men in KHAKI skin colored spandex lean over with their ass in high definition.  Vogue won’t even put the hottest woman with the derriere of the year in flesh colored tights.  Yet, here, we have a team of men wearing the most deplorable outfit ever constructed.  Please, give me something not only repulsive, but sexy.  There are very good looking, athletic men, running around, sweating and yelling and dancing, please let’s focus on sexifying that man!  Let us focus on fashion and style and trend in this untouched worlds of sports. Show him up close with fake balls even.  Stuff that junk!  Oh don’t be so stuffy, women do it all the time with their lips and their boobs, with the high heals impossible to walk in shoes and the make-up.  We put on a good show and have a good time doing it, let’s see those beautiful and tough men out on a real show for everyone.

Let’s turn the tables and make money.

Oh, still concerned about raising money for breast cancer? Skip the pink shirt, bandana, and banner and donate money to cancer research.

Eulogy for the Working Man

Everyone is dressed so seriously in their dark navy pants, black jackets, brown boots, gray hoodies, houndstooth hats, herringbone trousers, mahogany leather purses, chestnut gloves, maroon socks. The rush hour traffic is dressed subdued, ready for a funeral procession, solemn as a depressed preacher, lonely as a poet, dismal as a rainy autumn day.  I feel adequately prepared for the day in my purple pants, bright legs ready for the dance of another day, ready to jig for another hustle . In this parade of sad clowns, I am the outlier.

Modern Fashion

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I must say, dress so well from head to tippy toe, you look very dashing in your designer style, with your brand new clothes, perfectly fitting attire.  From those sleek leather brown shoes to that subtly patterned grey tie that matches perfectly with a maroon button up shirt that is delicately textured and the dark gray and black suit with its tightly woven fabric, adorned with a perfectly fitting belt, manicured hands, trendy socks from the department store, always freshly trimmed haircut, dapper facial hair, musky cologne.

You are so put together, so apparently success, so outwardly powerful, clearly manager of both work and home, a statuesque icon of modern adulthood and sex appeal.

You take care of your life, health, money, I am sure even your yard so well.  I bet your shower curtain doesn’t even have mold growing on the inside hem.

I don’t understand with all this foresight, planning, and education that you eat that junk that passes as food for lunch.  How can you put that into your body as an adequate food supply for your brain power and muscle stamina?

You act like you treat yourself with so much respect, but you are eating food type substances that contains no nutritional value, has never even once been alive considering how much processing it has undergone, food where green is saved for food coloring, where everything is pre cooked, prepackaged, prearranged to fit everyone’s love for salt and stopping there.  How, Sir/Ma’am, how long can you put up with charade of eating?  Eat something that resembles something living.  Eat a lot of plants and vegetables.  Yes, that means you need to use a knife.  Sharp objects are fun to play with, that is a promise.