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Now that its over, more!

Good God restaurant week was the cherry on top of hell after the craziest 8 months I have ever known.

Then valentine’s day, the couples haven of romance and dining out.  That particular weekend was met with a mountain of challenges, a rant in which I will keep to myself.

Today is the day after, the day when I wish I could call in sick and hide in bed sheets all day, fogetting that I even exist.

No, instead I press on with much needed changes.

Goals to get done as soon as I can:

Pao  de queijo improvement project

Manioc crackers

Cassava Crepes

New 3 leches

New self bruleeing dessert

New fire cake

New pionono

Fry bread

Pan de chapa with cheese accoutremente.

After taste testing and making the recipes fool proof, then the staff has to be trained, details have to be written, then everything costed out.

It’s an unending circus of creating, and I love it.  Tiredness and loss of motivation be damned, we have to plan for spring.


El Che Ingredients

I got a sneak peak at the menu, and I saw some things that I would like to incorporate into the pastry menu:

Duck eggs- maybe a custard?  What else highlights eggs in dessert other than a custard of sorts?  Noting, the answer is nothing.

Yerba Mate- I want to use this as a sauce, it can add a bitter and fun element, good for the Argentinean theme.

Brioche- do I make this?  Probably time I figure that out. Can I stuff it with cheese, and deep fry it?  Gooey fried dough, with a sharp cheese.  Delicious.

English peas- to go with a strawberry dessert, a freeze dried strawberry pavolva, the peas with a cream, or ricotta.  Ricotta flor di latti?

House ricotta- I want to make cheese and ricotta is great in dessert, just ask the Italians.