Uncut Pie

A list of Pie Concepts that did not make the grade, the B list of verbal pie specials offered at both restaurants.

*Peanut Butter Pie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Crust, Oatmeal Whip Cream, Milk Chocolate Ganache

This is a dreamy pie full of everyone’s favorite flavors.  The peanut butter filling is a mousse for light texture that pairs well with the heavy taste.  Chocolate chip cookie dough replaces the typical pie dough, served with oatmeal whip cream and milk chocolate ganache

*Brazil Nut Pie, bourbon whip cream, banana ice cream

A take on the pecan pie, but way better.  The brazil nuts are baked with dulce de leche in place of the classic gooey corn syrup filling, served a la mode with banana ice cream

*Cranberry curd, pistachio crust, ginger meringue
A winter pie with tart cranberries that are complimented with sweet ginger meringue.  The pistachio crust add texture, and an orange glaze rounds out the flavors.

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