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Goals: if you meet them then they are no longer an object worth your pursuit. This is an end to your means, this is the carrot you chase.

Once you eat that carat you either give up or you find a more lustrous diamond.  If you succeed the first time then you are not trying hard enough.  If you match your goals then you need  to reformulate.

Therefore I am successful because I keep my goals as a desire, I am succesful because I fail.


Deceptive Desires and Delusive Dreams

Sometimes you change only to remain the same.  Nothing appears to be different, everything still behaves the same, but something has been influenced, something has shifted, nudge a little, despite similar outward appearances.  Not everything is so obvious.

Sometimes the lesson in your mistakes remains a mystery.  You didn’t learn anything, you haven’t grown an inch, the only thing is that you feel like a fool.  Not every lesson can be studied.

The rules have never been fair, and you have to cheat to win.  But karma is king so watch that fancy step.

You will never find what you are looking for as long as you keep a watchful eye open.  Once you go blind to your wishes, they will stare you in the face. As soon as you give up, you will get the winning hand.

You can’t want what you really want, you have to make it up as you go along.  Life is full of surprises and you have to keep an open mind to what you get.



The Ironic Feminist

A feminist cook. That sounds ironic.  Like one means woman wear pants and have a political career and the other means raising kids stuck under the rule of thumb.

But really, I am a modern day feminist cook.  Think about it coming full circle, the quintessential role of the woman who throughout the course of capitalism found herself to be surrounded by men in a testosterone centric system.  Kinda funny, huh.  I live off irony.

The feminist ideals are about the advocacy of women’s right on the grounds political, social, and economic equality with men.  How did this happen, I often wonder, how did the tables get turned on us is our arena?  Most people outside of the culinary world are unaware of how tipped the scales are, how male the kitchen life has become, how egotistical and competitous  this stage has become.  We have morphed into something so far from where we started.

The feminist movement stands for a lot of ideals, but it boils down to one concept: respect.  We want equal respect in what we do, in what we add to the team, in the skills we bring.  Not everyone is great at everything, that is why it takes a team to paint the full picture.  The ultimate goal the feminism is not to only promote the rights and the respect for women, it is to promote respect for what the individual can add to the soup.  America, the greatest melting pot the world has ever known, should embrace this flavor fully.

Backwards and Late

I should be sleeping but I am beyond wide awake right now.

Tomorrow I will once again feel the dreary and the drudge of the day, but that is still a very long few hours away.

It take me until bedtime to wake up, to get the gist of the day, to get in the swing of the hang.

I spend the day in a haze, steering through the fog of the motions, until it is finally time to call it quits.  When I can give my mind peace and solitude, it start the race it pumps the gas, it competes against the unseen assailants of the nights, like a ninja in the darkness the brain races to a start line, the end nowhere in sight.

Some day I will catch on to the rhythm of the living. For now, I follow the drums of the night.

The World At Large

Within this wide world of wondrous possibilities, I get stressed out by all the options.  The limits are not very limiting, the boundaries are arbitrary and the walls are not well guarded.  The lines are not black and white, it is instead a grey representation, perhaps a shadow.  I want to do it all,  beautifully and precisely.  I want to be striking and bold, yet represent a collection of ideas.  I struggle with simplicity, I over complicate everything.  I have high standards, and when they are met I feel average.  Does this desire to be overwhelmingly complete leave me in solitude?

The Stillness of Excitement

Candles dancing in a rosy room, the fleeting flicker of forming thoughts, electric with a vocal connection, magnetized with the imagination in your eyes.

A dim feeling is deceiving of the powerful moment.  The tough bricks hold soft hearts, the cold beer leads to warm thoughts.  A spicy tongue can cool the hot mind, your gentle voice creates a tropical storm in my mind.

My Ironic Soul

Dreaming of destruction and pondering chaos

I wrestle with keeping it calm.

Desiring the heat of flame and pursuing the dark fumes

I am a diamond cut snow flake.

There is no peace in the heart,

There is no soft to the touch.

Without you, I am everything.

In the barren winter I find inspiration,

In the vast white ordinary I find my color

In the silent night I hear jazz.

In confusion I draw straight lines

In serenity I create a kingdom of noise.

My comfort is not in the sun, my song is not with the wind.

I dance in the stillness.

My beauty is dark like a moonless night.

My charm is in the blizzard.

My complexity is the simplicity of words.